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San Giacamo Vinegar


The Bezzecchi family have been producing traditional vinegar for 3 generations. The family, as did most families in Reggio Emilia and Modena, only produced the vinegar for personal use. Digressing from a future in Law, Andrea took over the family business after the unfortunate passing of his father in 1994. Named after the small street where production originally began, ‘San Giacomo’ balsamic vinegar was awarded the best traditional Balsamic vinegar in the region, in 1996 and again in 2010.

Balsamic, in the last 20-30 years, has become more popular over regular wine vinegar, which was the every day dressing condiment. The Romans used to call the salad “Acetorium”, as the main ingredient was the ‘aceto’, the vinegar. Whilst it is hard to find any traditional recipes or evidence of Balsamic being the original vinegar, it has become popular as the population move towards favouring sweeter tastes.

The traditional wine vinegar however, has a noble place in our history and food culture that meant the Bezzecchi family were adamant to preserve this product.

Andrea produces high quality vinegar by selecting premium wine to begin and does not add any water in attempt to avoid diluting the product. Time and patience are also important in the process. Turning one batch into vinegar can take up to a year. The vinegar is then aged in barrels and again can take years. Andrea prides himself on his 5 year barrel aged wine vinegar. Starting from high quality grapes of Barbera and Croatina he then oxidizes the contents in an open vessel lasting almost a year and a half. The contents then transferred into oak barrels to be aged. Originally intended to be aged for three years, after tasting, Andrea decided that it would benefit from more time on oak and finally decided that the right age was 5 years when, again after tasting, the vinegar tasted incredible with perfect balance.

Andrea joined his friend Andrea Paternoster, a honey and honey-vinegar producer, in giving a class at the culinary school of Niko Romito. After the class, Andrea shared his vinegar with Niko Romito, who immediately fell in love with the product. Andrea decided to exclusively supply his vinegar to the three Michelin starred chef, to be the only chef in Italy to use the artisanal vinegar.
Andrea then decided that he would allow 5 chefs use of his product, one for every year of ageing. I was honoured when Andrea, in 2014, allowed me to use this special vinegar at Grossi Restaurants. Apart from the outstanding product itself the story of the Bezzecchi family and their endeavour to maintain their family’s, and one of Italy’s, traditions demonstrates the passion for their heritage and culture.

It is this philosophy and the artisan and exceptional quality of the product, that resinates with me and aligns it self to my own goals.

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Join Andrea Bezzecchi from Acetaia San Giacomo in Emilia-Romagna and explore some of the greatest vinegars and balsamic vinegars in the world matched to a menu by Guy Grossi

Tuesday 13th September, 6.30pm at 
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