Scholarship To Be Awarded, Pietro Grossi Premio





Acknowledging stand out employees is important. Grossi restaurants is committed to acknowledging employees that stand out for dedication to their craft and the guest. We are committed to the ongoing development of individuals within our team who show care and excellence.

The Pietro Grossi Premio is an in house scholarship awarded to a stand out employee within Grossi Restaurants.

The Premio is named after Pietro Grossi, chef and pioneer within the hospitality industry in Melbourne.  Pietro was a great teacher and mentor to his family, his fellow workers and friends.

The successful employee will receive a trip overseas to continue professional growth.

We will celebrate the individual’s:                                                    

Development initiative - Candidate goes beyond every day expectations to seek extra learning and knowledge about their craft, the industry and ways in which their skills can be developed. 

Creative thinking and problem solving - Candidate displays creative solutions to problems and actively shows initiative when undergoing tasks and working in their role. 

Care towards craft - Candidate displays exceptional care and pride in their work. This extends from care toward their team mates, relationships, environment, guests and final product. 

Constructive and inclusive team relationships - Candidate shows exceptional interpersonal skills by developing sound and respectful relationships within the group, has a positive attitude to team mates and supports and assists their team to the best of their ability.

 Guest care - Candidate demonstrates a high level of guest care, ensuring that customers’ needs are always first priority. Employee exhibits positive attitude towards guest and their requests. Hospitality prevails.

Positive business objectives - Candidate undertakes work tasks with business objectives in mind showing care and responsibility toward respecting business goals and sustainability. Employee exhibits and understanding of the businesses' main objectives and seeks to impact these positively while working in their role. 

Positive ‘stand out’ attitude - Candidate demonstrates a consistently positive attitude toward their craft, work, environment and peers. 

All employees are eligible and we look forward to making the announcement in the coming weeks.

Apply here to join the Grossi Team.